Versatile protection for all your tough jobs

Ansell ActivArmr® Multipurpose
Heavy Duty Glove


Light Weight Glove

For the most demanding jobs, you need the absolute toughest protection. These rugged gloves are engineered for the true extremes. With Ansell's patented Intercept Technology® and DuPont Kevlar® fibers, they create the ultimate everyday protection from punctures, cuts and abrasions.

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  • Demolition
  • Woodwork
  • Heavy cutting/Sawing
  • Digging
  • Handling sheet metal
  • Masonry
  • Steel work (tying)

* While these are the most commonly noted tasks, gloves are not limited to them.


Protection Level

Key Features

  • Improved ergonomic fit for greater comfort
  • Dexterity and grip for the task at hand
  • Up to 3X more wear resistance and 4X greater cut protection than standard leather gloves
  • Easy don and doff

*Results based on Ansell's internal results of the ActivArmr® HVAC glove vs. standard leather gloves (3/11). CAUTION: Products that provide "cut resistance" and "cut protection" or "puncture resistance" and "puncture protection" do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for cuts or punctures, and are not intended or tested to provide protection against powered blades, serrated or other sharp or rotating equipment. Users are encouraged to always use caution and care when handling sharp materials or in potentially dangerous environments. Any information or data provided is based upon Ansell's current knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, and is offered solely as a possible suggestion for use in making your own decisions or product choices. Product users should conduct all appropriate testing or other evaluations to determine the suitability of Ansell products for a particular purpose or use within a particular environment. It is the responsibility of a product user to assess the level of risk and to determine the protective equipment required or appropriate for the user's particular purpose. Ansell may revise this information as new information, knowledge or experience becomes available. ANSELL DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OTHER THAN AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED